Conquer the blank page with Living Narrative

Living Narrative provides tools for cataloging the people, places, and things your stories need to come to life. Every thought, every note can be captured and made available when you need it.

Coming Soon to your Desktop and iPad.

Fun. Cute. Classy.

But if we have to choose just one word: “Craftsmanshippery”

We make software like we make up words; we find a need and fill it. We’re dedicated to doing excellent work, but we don’t think that means we have to be a buttoned-up, faceless corporation that prioritizes profits over everything else. We'd rather build games that are uncompromisingly fun and applications that can make the world a better place.

Here’s to good craftsmanshippery: a little bit of artisan, a little bit of eccentricity, and a strong independent spirit.

Our team

Incendiary Software is a small group of hippies who believe software should not only be functional, but also easy on the eyes and a pleasure to use. We think adorable, silly things are a necessity in life.

Flame charater (Burnard) with Guy Fawkes mustache and goatee (a.k.a. Jess Coulter)

Jess Coulter

Co-founder | Developer | Taste-tester

Jess enjoys cute things only marginally less than living.

Flame charater (Burnard) with hipster glasses (a.k.a. Patrick Murphy)

Patrick Murphy

Co-founder | Developer | Brewmaster

Patrick likes to brew beer and thinks he is funny.

Flame charater (Burnard) with a heart monocle and polka dot bowtie (a.k.a. Lauren Egan)

Lauren Egan

Designer | Typography-geek | Wow

Lauren loves designing cool things, it’s almost criminal.

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